Dhara Mehrotra




Dhara’s work improvises upon landscape and its inherent ecology, exploring the flora, foliage, ferns, grass, weeds, moss, petals, pollen and more.

It strives to realize the transcendence in simpler forms of life, nature & environment, which touches us most intimately, yet remains distant enough that one may not aspire to it by any means more physical than poetry.

The purpose is to realize the synergy and interrelation between things to outgrow the notion of isolated consciousness; towards an experience, forever in motion, alive, organic, spiritual and material. The artwork and the process of it, intends to create some of these experiences.




About Dhara


M.F.A in Painting | College of Art, Delhi University , India | year 2005.

The Junior Fellowship Award from Ministry of culture; The Government of India, in visual art (Painting) 2007 | Swapan Biswas award for academic excellence (College of Art, New Delhi)


Selected Shows:


..of Warps and Wefts, Anant Art India, New Delhi, India, 2021

Spiralling into the absurd, Bikaner House, New Delhi, India, 2021

All In A Day’s Work, Aicon Gallery, New York, USA, 2020

Aroh, Emami Art, KCC, Kolkata, India, 2020

Five Million Incidents, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi and Kolkata, India, 2019

Through Clusters and Networks, NCBS-TIFR Bangalore, India, 2018-2019

Forms of Devotion, MOSA (Museum of Sacred Art) Madrid, Spain 2016

‘Swarm’, wall installation, Le Meridien, Bangalore 2016 (supported by Art Houz)

Forms of Devotion, MOSA (Museum of Sacred Art) China Art Museum, Shanghai 2015

‘Art Spotting IV’, Gallery Art Positive, New Delhi 2014

Raqs Media collective, Sarai Reader 09 (Devi art foundation) Gurgaon 2013

‘Silent Symphony’, The Stainless gallery New Delhi 2012 & 2011

Tangerine art space gallery, Kochi Muzirs Biennale collateral showing Kochi, 2012

Group show; Gallery OED (Open Eyed Dreams), Kochi (India) 2012

Latitude 28, 2010; ‘Illustrated lecture and exhibition’ Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi 2011

Group Show at AIFACS New Delhi, 2011

The Gulf art Fair Dubai, 2007

‘National Exhibition of Art’,  Bhopal  (Lalit Kala Akademi) India 2006

Group Show, India Habitat Center, New Delhi 2006

Group Show, The ABS Gallery Baroda 2006

Group shows with The Apparao Galleries New Delhi & Chennai, 2004, 2005 & 2006 India

Dhoomimal Annual Art show 2003 & 2004, New Delhi

Exhibition of Graphics, Savannah Georgia 2002

Gallery Freedom, V.H.A.I , 2002 New Delhi, India


‘Some Substance is Divine’ at Hyatt Regency, New Delhi (November 2009) supported by A.F.A and the Hyatt group.

‘Interwoven…A mystic journey’ Chennai, August 2011




Facebook Artist In Residence (AIR) Hyderabad, India 2021 | Actant – Five Million Incidents, Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi & Kolkata 2020, in collaboration with Raqs Media Collective

Art workshops and camps with international art faculty hosted by A.F.D, Visual Arts gallery IHC, New Delhi; Camp ‘Expressions’, by Palette People, Le Meridian Kochi, India 2012; Artist seminar & camp at Ahalia Heritage village, Ahalia University campus, Palakkad, Kerala (India) 2011; Scroll & banner art with senior lecturer Canberra Institute of Arts, Australia 2001, worked at Ghari community studios New Delhi, Printmaking Dept, 2002–2003





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